Nuts too are perishable!

Like any other fruits or seeds nuts too are perishable. They do contain some  moisture even after long periods and various ways of drying. But the major factor being the oil content inside them. The oil turns rancid on exposure to air  and temperature. The more oil content in the nuts, the greater tendency it get perished faster.  So, for longer shelf life, It is strictly advised to store them in air free and air tight containers and at temperature of around 10  Degree celcius. 

The following are the tentative time lines by which the Nuts and  Dry fruits may perish under Indian climate.

Hazel Nuts, Walnuts, wet dates – Highly perishable i.e after 4-5 days at room temperature.

Anjeer /Dried Figs – Perishable after 10- 15 days days s at room temperature.

Cashews, Unsalted pista Kernels – Perishable after 20 – 25 days at room temperature.

Almond Kernels, Dried dates, Salted pista  with shell, Dried raisins – Perishable after a month at room temperature.